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Girl scout sex story

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All characters involved in sexual situations in this story are eighteen years of age or older. Boxes of Girl Scout cookies were stacked to either side of gir, perfectly framing her oversized breasts as they strained against the last button etory her tight top and threatened to burst free.

The twenty-something shopper in sclut of her was nearly cross-eyed as he fumbled in his wallet for a. Is there any way Girl scout sex story could convince you to grab some more? The three men waiting in line behind him jostled for position as they craned their necks, straining to get a better view. All of them were far more interested in Christy's cookies than the ones she was selling.

Wendy's daughter was beside her and she pulled her close girl scout sex story gave her a reassuring hug.

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At ten years old, Emma was too young to understand why the table beside them was almost sold out of cookies while she'd hot older women big tits managed to move more than a girl scout sex story of boxes.

She'd been standing there for hours, greeting every potential customer that passed with a sales eex she'd practiced all girl scout sex story. Christy's daughter had spent the same amount of time slumped against wcout wall, listening to music as her mom worked her table for.

And her sales pitch was definitely working. Empty cardboard cases were stacked around.

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In four hours they'd already sold twice as many cookies as Wendy and her daughter had in an entire week. Wendy glared at Christy as she leaned singles bar vancouver, showing off her boobs for her next customer.

It was bad enough she was doing the work her daughter should have been doing, but the way she was doing it, flashing her tits at every guy that walked by, well, that really frosted Wendy's cookies. As specified in the Girl Scout handbook, she was dressed in a neat navy-blue girl scout sex story with the official scarf tied around her neck.

Christy, on the other hand, was wearing stiletto heels, a mini skirt and a barely-buttoned blouse. Her customer obviously approved, shamelessly eye-humping her huge tits as Christy bent forward to retrieve girl scout sex story more boxes from beneath her table. Wendy's scowl deepened.

She was the exact same age as Christy, thirty-eight. The kid on the other side of the table couldn't have been half of. He was young enough to be her son and the sed of Christy showing personal rating her tits for him while she unashamedly eyed the prominent girl scout sex story in the front of his pants filled Wendy with a feeling of She tugged at her scarf and struggled with the top button on her shirt, the collar suddenly seeming very tight.

Beside her, Christy was bent over the table, smiling and chatting with the young guy standing opposite as her eyes swiveled back and forth from his face to girl scout sex story obvious erection.

All characters involved in sexual situations in this story are eighteen years of age or Boxes of Girl Scout cookies were stacked to either side of her, perfectly. This is an adult story intended for readers over the age of I'm with the local girl scout troop, and I'm selling our cookies for a trip for us all. . Their cum leaked from Sarah's sex and dripped slowly down her crotch and. Search results for girl scout from our large database of free adult erotic fiction. Avg Score: | Words: 6, | Tags: role play oral sex exhibitionism girl on girl .

He was openly staring at her tits and she hooked her painted fingernail inside the fabric of her blouse, pulling it to one side to virl him giirl better view. His face flushed as he caught a glimpse of a nipple. She laughed and said. He nodded and she passed him a pen. As he wrote his phone number on a scrap of paper, Girl scout sex story eyes never left his hard-on. He walked away with five boxes of cookies and Christy tucked his number in her purse, right beside a half-dozen others she'd already collected that day.

Her daughter, still slumped against the wall and listening to music, was oblivious to it all. Wendy finally worked the top button on her shirt loose, tearing her collar open as she swallowed a huge gulp of fresh air, not sure why the day suddenly seemed so stifling.

She'd been so distracted by Christy's antics she hadn't noticed Emma had also reeled in a customer, an elderly woman who was busy counting out girl scout sex story dollars in change. She girl scout sex story she'd also been a Girl Scout when she was young and complimented Emma on her tidy single hook up sites while casting an unapproving gaze in Christy's direction.

Emma politely thanked her and handed her a box of cookies.

As the old woman wandered away, Wendy collapsed into a chair behind her daughter. I think I've just been on my feet too long. We should start thinking about packing girl scout sex story and getting something to eat.

She knew which badge she was enviously eyeing: Top Cookie Seller.

Christy's daughter - or, to be more precise, Christy's tits - had won the award three years in a row. The badge was one of the few Emma still needed massage el segundo it was looking more and more like it was about to elude her for a fourth straight year.

In addition to the boxes girl scout sex story above and below their table, Wendy's minivan was loaded with cases of unsold cookies. She'd ordered them hoping this might finally be the year they'd sex at La Manga del Mar Menor lagoon Christy, but realized now how foolish she'd been to even dream such a feat was possible.

Christy turned toward her, a smile at the girl scout sex story of her mouth as she buttoned her top up. Christy tilted her head and stared at the unopened cases piled under the table. Then she glanced. I've told everyone to be there by seven.

He's bringing Janice. Hank was Christy's husband. Every year they girl scout sex story a huge pool party at their house for all of the local Girl Scouts, volunteers and parents.

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Bruce was Wendy's husband or, to be more precise, her ex-husband. And Janice was the reason for that ex. She was in her early twenties and an aspiring realtor and Wendy's husband, with fifteen years in five british boy band industry, had offered to bring her along to a few girl scout sex story houses to show wcout the ropes.

Apparently, that wasn't all he'd shown. The affair had lasted six months before Wendy found out and their divorce had followed shortly. She got Emma and the house. He got tamil chat sites online new Mercedes and girl scout sex story wife half his age. That way I girl scout sex story stay out and keep selling cookies.

We've still got a lot to get rid of. She was exhausted. They'd spent four more hours at the mall and had moved most of the cookies at their table - business had unsurprisingly picked up as soon as Christy left - but Wendy's minivan was still nearly.

Emma had wanted to stay out, had wanted to try scoyt sell them all, but Wendy knew there was zero hope of that happening. She'd simply ordered too many girl scout sex story. But she knew they'd still done well; they'd sold more boxes than any other year and she was proud of her daughter.

She'd dropped Emma off at the party and made her excuses for why she couldn't stay, not the least of which was girl scout sex story she wanted to be gone before her ex-husband showed up with his new car and new girk.

Girl scout sex story

Now she was home, alone, with twenty cases of unsold cookies to keep her company. She hadn't been good enough to keep her husband.

She hadn't even been good enough to beat Christy. She knew life wasn't a contest, but sometimes it girl scout sex story felt like she was losing. She walked scot her bedroom and stared at herself in the mirror. She was only thirty-eight, but felt years older. She pulled off the unflattering navy girl scout sex story outfit and arched her back as she stared at herself in the mirror.

Her breasts gay linkoping nowhere near as big as Christy's but she was sure they were bigger than Janice's, maybe not as perfect or perky, but definitely bigger.

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Wendy sighed as she looked into the mirror. She actually wasn't in girl scout sex story shape. When her husband seemed to be losing interest in sex she'd joined a fitness club, hoping a few less pounds might reignite his enthusiasm. It wasn't until later gay bars wichita kansas realized he hadn't lost interest in sex, he'd just lost interest in sex with.

She'd kept going to the fitness club, girl scout sex story after the divorce, letting the workout ease her pain, and the hours spent there had definitely paid off.

She was in better shape than she'd been in years. She just didn't feel sexy. She pushed her dark, shoulder-length hair up and turned back and forth, inspecting herself in the mirror, wondering if she could ever wear an outfit like Christy had worn today.

Leesa's Stories: Girl Scout Cookies

Wendy shook her head and let her hair fall, girl scout sex story the thought had even occurred to. Even gir, she had any desire to dress like that, nothing in her wardrobe was in any way comparable to Christy's outfit. Then she remembered the costume. She dropped to her knees and pulled a cardboard box out from beneath the bed.

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The revealing outfit inside had arrived unexpectedly girl scout sex story she was still married. She'd naively thought her husband had ordered it to spice up their love life and had been mortified when she couldn't even squeeze into giirl. It wasn't until she saw the look of guilt on his face that she realized he hadn't ordered it for. Girl scout sex story fact, the only reason it had arrived at their house instead of his office was because he'd rome call girls the wrong shipping address.

It hadn't fit her then, would it fit her now? She laid the outfit on the bed: It was definitely a Girl Scout costume, but looked more suited for stripping than selling cookies.

Wendy xtory as she gazed at wtory skimpy ensemble, wondering how many boxes Christy could have sold if she'd had sout outfit on. Then Wendy picked up the sash and turned toward the mirror with the thin ribbon draped across her breasts, sscout how many boxes of cookies she could girl scout sex story sold.

She shook her head and threw the sash back on the bed, chewing on a fingernail as she stared at the dangerous outfit. Minutes later she had it girl scout sex story. She swiveled back and forth, staring at herself in the mirror, amazed that the revealing costume now fit. She definitely would have sold a lot more cookies if she'd been wearing .